How Biochic Came To Exist

This article will give you a greater understand of our partners at BioChic and essentially why we are able to sell our CBD products at such affordable prices.

Read Time: 4-5 minutes

It all started with a promise...

Shila, a beloved friend of Ashley (middle) and Dan (left) had been suffering from cancer and was battling for her life with this horrible disease for two years until she sadly past away.

Shortly before Shila's death in 2015, Ashley (middle) made Shila a promise that she would let the world know about the amazing effects of CBD, which Shila had unfortunately learned about all too late.

Not much later, Dan (left) and Ashley (middle) moved over from the USA to Portugal for a new beginning. In search of finding a new place to live, they fell in love with the beautiful little fishing village of Alvor, on the southern coast of Portugal in the Algarve.

It was not long before they met the young Riccardo (right) in a tattoo parlor, who had just arrived back to his home country of Portugal the day before searching for a new start. They quickly got to know each other and eventually they came to chat about CBD. It turned out that Riccardo had also been very interested in the healing properties of the cannabis plant and that it was equally as important to him to increase the awareness of this versatile oil. This surprisingly had actually been one of the reasons for his return.

18 months after this encounter, despite not knowing exactly how they were going to do it, Ashley felt the strong urge to finally get things going. She fumbled for Riccardo's phone number and asked him if he would like to open a shop together. The prompt answer was an absolute YES!

In the early stages it was difficult... The search for an affordable location was not an easy journey. For many days and weeks, they were searching endlessly for a place to setup, it reached a point where all hope seemed lost with not a single store in the central location being available.

Soon enough however, after having a coffee with a good old friend of theirs in their favorite café at the harbour, they were walking up one of the main streets which they'd walked up and down many times before and halfway up, all of them suddenly stopped and paused as their eyes fell onto an unusual window front.

It was on the second floor, right above the ground... the place had shop windows and a terrace and seemed to be completely empty. On all of their countless walks in the 'Rua Dr Frederico Ramos Mendes,' they had never seen this shop before.

They all looked at each other in disbelief and then suddenly a man who was supposingly living there, came around the corner and climbed up the stairs. Immediately, Riccardo ran after the man to ask him for information about the empty looking shop and the man offered to contact the owner by telephone on the spot. Ashley's heart throbbed so loud that you could almost hear it. Said and done. On the phone was an old, unbelievably loveable Portuguese lady. They arranged an appointment for the following day.

Incredibly, the store had been empty for SEVEN years! The location was perfect, right in the main pedestrian street and the energy in the rooms felt absolutely positive and inviting. It was decided. The three new shop owners controlled their urges to jump around in a zigzag for joy and instead did with a few hectic hand claps and some shy little dance moves, as the old lady consented immediately and without hesitation.

A little apathetic, as in another world, they went back out on the street. Their emotions fell all-over themselves. It was a mix of disbelief, joy, excitement and fear. Questioningly, they looked at each other and the expression on everyone's lips said something like: "And now?"
None of them had ever run their own shop before. There was neither a fixed concept nor a name. But regardless; when there is a will, there is a way!

With only 7 euros left in the bank account, it took them just 6 months before the new coffee, mind and body shop "BioChic" opened its doors in the heart of Alvor.

Now these three creative minds have developed a magical, inviting little place of relaxation, inviting clients you to come stay and heal. There is a lot of laughter, drumming, dancing and singing and in addition to organic coffee, they also offer natural body, skin and hair care products.

They sell crystals and locally made crystal jewellery as well as Native American handicrafts. Dan and Ashley also offer Reiki and other healing arts to help their visitors along the spiritual path and to holistically promote their health.

They have now released their very first CBD oil brand, which we at Vivoo want to help make more people aware of. We have full faith and belief in BioChic, with both of us sharing the same mission and commitment to bring love back to our planet.

The three pioneers have now moved the cultivation and production of their oil close to their shop which shortens the transportation and ensures that the deepest amount of passion, love and care is present, right until the dispatch of these precious CBD oil bottles.

We are amazed in our observations of what can really be achieved when there is a large amount of determination, courage, confidence and ultimately a belief that a real change can exist. By having trust in their process, by being determined to make it real and by being patient along the way, Dan, Ashley and Riccardo are fulfilling their dream!