Expand Your Heart with

Biodynamic Raw Cacao

Cacao comes from the seeds of the Theobroma Amazonian fruiting tree (meaning "Food of the Gods") and is the source of all chocolate around the world. This natural treasure helps deepen the connection to the heart, providing greater access to love, abundance & connection.

Opens The Heart

Expands Consciousness

Relaxes The Body

Inspires Creativity

Enhances Focus

Fosters Connection

Biodynamic Raw Cacao Nibs

All the goodness of our premium cacao beans: fermented, shelled and cracked to perfection!

How to Use:

All the work has been done for you! Eat them as they are, add to your favorite muesli, smoothies, vegan ice-cream, trail mix, or instead of chocolate chips in your sacred dessert recipes.

Biodynamic Raw Cacao Tea

The raw shells of our fine cocoa with a high magnesium, fiber and potassium content and the best taste of the whole bean!

How to Use:

1. Add one heaped teaspoon to a mug and add near boiling water (with/without a strainer)

2. Let it sit for between 2-7 minutes. The longer, the stronger, the better! The shells settle on the bottom.

Our tea is also wonderful with almond or coconut milk.

Biodynamic Raw Cacao Liquor

From bean to solid bar - after 5 days in the traditional granite mill, this is fine cocoa in its purest form and is best used to prepare a ceremonial cocoa drink.

How to Use:

Serve the whole pieces with a lot of love, organic nuts and dried fruit, grated in a delicious bowl with muesli, or melt the liquor slowly in a pot with water / vegetable milk and prepare a divine hot cocoa drink (approx. 25g per serving).

The Amazonian Superfood

The Mexican Mayan kings drank up to 30 pure chocolate drinks a day to maintain their vigour and valued the bean so highly that at the time, it was used as money.

Upon consumption, expect to feel a strong sense of energy around your heart and an expansive feeling. You will have more blood flowing to your brain, creativity and inspiration will come naturally and meditation, yoga, kirtan, sound healing and many other practices will flow more ease-fully too. The deepest effects will last between 3 to 5 hours, depending on your focus and attention state.

Love, Care & One Big Mission

One of our big missions at Vivoo Natural Living is to restore conscious consumption back into our world. Most of us financially support companies we might not necessarily support socially, ethically or philosophically. We are actively trying to change this.

Our biodynamic raw cacao beans are harvested and selected by the hands of the very passionate members of the Cooperativa Cabruca in the jungles of Itacaré, Brazil, who have been cultivating cacao in this area for more than 200 years.

They are strongly geared towards coexistence with the natural environment. Cabruca is located in the south of Bahia, Brazil, and is represented by certified organic farmers who use traditional agroforestry to produce the highest quality cocoa beans among a variety of other fruits and spices.

They use ecological and biodynamic processes, as well as permaculture principles in their harvesting methods, which is how they're able to obtain the highest of quality without using pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or any other chemical fertilizers.

The cooperative lives in the last 7% of the remaining protected rainforest on the Atlantic coast. They are very passionate about protecting their homeland and work to keep their culture and wisdom alive.

We have chosen to source our high-quality cacao from Cabruca because we want to support their mission and knowingly provide you with the best, organic, highest of quality cacao that has been harvest, hand picked and produced with the utmost amount of love.


Combat Your Fatigue

If you are feeling especially exhausted after getting an adequate night’s rest, there is a chance that your magnesium levels are low. Thankfully, raw cacao is an incredibly delicious source of magnesium which will significantly boost your energy levels.

Improve Your Digestion

Rich in dietary fiber and magnesium, eating raw cacao on a regular basis will prevent constipation, and overall enhance your digestive health.

Increase Your Cognitive Function

Flavanols get absorbed into the bloodstream when consuming cacao and accumulate in the hippocampus, the region responsible for memory and learning. These flavanols then work to form new neurons, while improving their functionality and protecting them from destruction by free radicals, increasing cognitive abilities.

Combat Your Tooth Decay

Researchers have been conducting tests that suggest a component in cacao beans called theobromine may be more effective at preventing cavities and protecting against tooth decay than fluoride. This is because these compounds have antibacterial agents. Those agents fight against plaque, while also successfully working to harden tooth enamel, lessening the chances of tooth decay.

Soothen Potential Coughing Fits

A recent UK study performed by the British Lung Foundation discovered that the theobromine found in cacao beans was quite effective at treating persistent coughs. It has been hypothesized that the theobromine acts on the vagus nerve, a nerve responsible for coughing fits, and may work better than codeine.

Before reaching for a bottle of cough syrup next time you are under the weather, try a cup of Hot Chocolate made with nutrient-rich cacao and see if that does the trick!

Prevent Premature Ageing

Not only does the consumption of raw cacao improve the quality of your skin, but it can also prevent premature aging. This is due to antioxidants in cacao which protect this cells from advanced destruction and help this skin feel healthy and youthful for longer!

Make Your Skin Glow

Cacao is incredible for vibrant, healthy skin because it contains flavonoids that work to increase blood flow to the skin’s surface. This increased blood flow will promote cell regeneration which is necessary for glowing skin.

Improve And Balance Your Mood Swings

Cacao contains anandamide, sometimes referred to as the bliss molecule, which binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain creating a sense of ease and happiness. Not only will consuming cacao improve your well-being, but it will also combat mood swings by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.

Reduce your Risk of CVD

High cholesterol levels can significantly increase the chances of developing heart disease, but thankfully raw cacao can lower LDL, or bad cholesterol, and raise HDL, the good cholesterol. This is due to the extremely high quantities of antioxidants found in cacao which protect lipoproteins from oxidizing, or reacting with free radicals.

A Healthy Source Of Fats

Contrary to what some weight loss programs may be telling you, you need healthy fats in your diet to stimulate chemical reactions responsible for immunity, growth, and a healthy metabolism. When consumed in its purest form, raw chocolate made from unprocessed cacao beans is an incredible source of healthy fats.


How Is Our Cacao Prepared?

Working closely with out special partners, we have combined the best of ancient wisdom with modern craft chocolate-making. The fruit is harvested when ripe from the cacao tree and then the wet seeds are brought to a central location where organically certified farmers oversee the fermentation and sun-drying process. This essential step in the process is what alkalizes the beans and activates the beneficial compounds from within.

The seeds are left to ferment for 6-7 days and are then dried in the sun for 3-4 days, after this, they then go through a cleaning process. Once dried, the Beans are pitted to obtain the Cacao Nibs. The Nibs are then grounded to obtain Cacao Liquor.

Does Cacao Liquor Contain Any Alcohol?

No, it does not. It is referred to as Cacao Liquor because during the manufacture process, the cacao beans are ground and liquefied (made liquid) and thus the name Liquor.

What Makes Our Cacao Special?

There is a significant difference between commercially available cacao (and the chocolate made from it) and what we sell and use at Vivoo Natural Living. This has to do with the vast differences in variety, selection, fermentation, and processing which affect the amount of the beneficial compounds in cacao.

At Vivoo Natural Living we offer the finest Brazilian organically certified cacao that we can find. The diverse conditions and micro climates found in different regions of Itacaré, Brazil have created hundreds of distinctly different flavour profiles. Just like wine, many regions produce different results from season to season depending on the variety and climate.

Our cacao is completely raw which is what allows it to contain its full spectrum of antioxidants and healthy ingredients, as opposed to cacao that has been roasted. This makes the end result more powerful, and even a little sweeter and less bitter.

We are constantly striving to create close partnerships with ALL of our producers and guarantee a trading which is beyond just fair. Our products are made with love, care and are packed and prepared to ship in 100% compostable bags.

Treat yourself and lighten up your soul!



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