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Beyond Fairtrade Vivoo Caffè Passione

An elegant synergetic mixture of gently and separately roasted Arabica and Robusta beans, which together develop a fruity to nutty aroma, with a subtle chocolate note. An absolutely full-bodied premium coffee with a deep but not acidic taste - typical of an Italian high-end coffee and yet extraordinary thanks to our harmonious roasting, the absolutely outstanding crema and a long-lasting delight.

Discover our recently pioneered

Beyond Fairtrade Vivoo Caffè Rosmarino

A revolutionary, healthy and the world's first coffee experience of this kind. Refined by the natural essence of Sicilian rosemary, a very particular specialty arises. The pure essence leading to this magical pleasure is drizzled onto the coffee and rotatingly mixed in at the end of the gentle roasting process. A hearty and strong taste that stays. Coffee can't be more Italian.

Boost Focus Levels

Aid Weight Loss

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Improve Physical Performance

Connect With Loved Ones

Reduce Depression

True Tasting Perfezione

This enchanting synergy of delicious Arabica and Robusta beans stems originally from farmers on small farms in Kodagu, India. They are processed further by our lovely partner, a small family roastery in Campobello di Mazara, Sicily. With care and love for the craft, the beans are roasted separately and gently, to an outstandingly aromatic composition of enjoyment. 100% certified compostable and socially packaged.

True Tasting Perfezione

This wonderful synergy of delicate 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans are sourced from our farmers at a small organic eco retreat in Kodagu, India. They are then sent over to our lovely partners in Campobello di Mazara, Sicily who run a family owned roast house. With great love and care, the beans get roasted and decelerated into a well balanced, deep aromatic traditional blend and then packaged up into 100% certified compostable bags for distribution.

Are You A Coffee Lover?

If you are then you will love this exclusive composition of taste! A harmony from the natural power of Indian beans paired with the intense creaminess of Sicilian elaborated refinement. Gusto Bilanciato Cremoso!

Our exclusive coffee can be supplemented by adding pure, locally grown natural essences such as rosemary, mandarin, pomegranate or pepperoncino. We have already passionately conjured up the rosemary refinement for you. More incredible taste explosions are in the works!

Fine-Art, Coffee Love, Fair Trade.

We believe in supporting sustainable coffee production, both environmentally and socially, and are proud to share close partnerships with passionate and loving coffee growers and roasters to deliver the highest quality, innovative and ethically made coffee that exists.

Kodagu - a small south Indian district known for its beautiful tropical landscapes, coffee, pepper and cardamom. Our lovely partner Aravin Chakravarthi and his family have been growing coffee here for 25 years, with a big mission to preserve their nation's native trees and culture.

The use of fertilizers, chemicals and other additives are completely forgone here thanks to their' complete understanding of the full planting cycle. They have a total of 100,000 hectares of which coffee trees are being planted, and within this matrix, they have preserved more than 1200 sacred groves in the name of various forest gods.

The beans then get sent to a family owned roast house in Campobello di Mazara, Sicily, where Guiseppe and his family put the finest amounts of passion, love and care into roasting the finest beans into a traditional Italian blend.

The result ends up being a well balanced, deep aromatic Italian blended formula, with the option to choose from various innovative Italian flavours.



Organic coffee is grown free of chemical residue - we do not use commercial fertilizers, insecticides or artifical additives in any part of our production process.

Not only does this allow for a fuller, richer flavor, but it is also exceptionally healthier for you, for our farmers and for our environment.

Non-organically grown coffee includes pesticides and other non-organic farming chemicals which can accumulate into human body fat and cause damage to our nervous and reproductive systems.

Consuming coffee organically can help:

  • Boost your immune system and guard you against diseases thanks to the high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Reduce your risk to harmful chemical ingestion
  • Provide you with a natural energy boost


Arabica coffee beans generally have a milder taste and a more complex aroma profile than the stronger Robusta beans. However, our Italian blend of Robusta and only a small quantity of Arabica ensures a versatile, creamy and refreshing experience, especially since the Robusta varieties from India are among the best in the world.

A smaller amount of Arabica allows a smoother crema to form with every single espresso. The blend supports a subtle fruity note, with a relatively high caffeine content.

Grown side by side, both beans are roasted separately to a deep golden brown level, using a traditional Sicilian roast that ensures that every bean's antioxidants are fully preserved. Now the reunification takes place.

For the blend, we use a classical Italian mixture of 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica to create the perfect synergy.

The lack of chemical fertilizers and the soft and seperate roasting process is what creates the highly premium taste experience we like to ogininally describe as "Carrubo, Caramello, Pantostato."

We also recommend trying our revolutionary flavored coffee beans which we've recently pioneered. The natural essences of pure Italian Rosemary, Mandarin, Pomegranate or Pepperoncino, are added to the blend towards the end of the roasting process, resulting in an exclusively crafted Italian style flavored finish.
Currently, our Rosemary flavour is available for order while our other flavours are still being trialed.



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