Compostable packaging, double recycled.

The first 100% home-compostable packaging in Europe!
We value real sustainability and take the packaging industry to a new level.
Our paper is made exclusively from industrial waste (e.g. wood cuttings and branches from tree care).
Our packaging is printed in small quantities with natural colors, based on rice and soy plants.
The aroma-protecting inner coating consists of PLA (polylactide), which is produced by fermenting glucose (sugar) with the help of various bacteria.

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Packaging that quickly becomes valuable and fertile soil in the garden on the compost; the natural cycle of life restored.

Stand-Up Pouches

  • heat-sealable
  • ideal moisture barriers
  • excellent oxygen barrier
  • resistant to oils, fats and alcohol
  • odorless and tasteless
  • optimal barrier against gases and aromas
  • based on renewable resources
  • made from certified compostable materials
  • microplastic free


  • made partially from I am Green PE foil
  • with EVOH film (from sugar cane) as a barrier
  • heat-sealable
  • steadfast
  • odorless and tasteless
  • resealable any number of times
  • with and without aroma protection valve
  • side notches for easy opening after welding
  • special sizes available on request

Folding Boxes

  • click-system for super easy handling
  • even the smallest editions possible
  • individual customization
  • personal customer care
  • no minimum quantity
  • nice feel thanks to 100% compostable cardboard made from agricultural waste
  • microplastic free
  • certified DIN EN 13432 (7P0466) for compostable products

Bring also your company to the next level of sustainability!

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