The Peaceful Warriors


"When I finished high-school, I went and travelled the world, working all sorts of different jobs, living here and there and doing lots of adventures on a low budget. I did this on and off for nearly 7 years.

Eventually I reached a point where it felt like the less I had, the happier and freer I became. In the times where I had no more than just my backpack and nothing to lose, I happened to be in my most present moment, just enjoying all the beauty that surrounds me. I have learnt to live resourcefully and to take care of our mother nature that we are so privileged to be alive on.

We are part of a delicate and wonderful ecological network, which I feel is important for us to understand, respect and interact with in a sustainable manner - and we cannot do it alone. It’s up to all of us to be conscious of the privilege we have to be here and choose to give some love back in whatever way we choose.

Sooner or later some calling brought me back to my home in Berlin and I have been surprised and purely gifted with this unbelievable project.

I have met so many amazing people on my journey who helped me in such incredible ways. I feel that this is now my chance to give the love back. I am so happy to be a part of a team who is working hard to support our small organic farmers, who is working on projects which support a sustainable economy, who will work towards reforestation and ultimately, give loads of love back into our planet!"


"Personally, my intention is it to break free of myself, to consciously live into my spirit and become completely aware of my role on this earth. How I love, how I give back and what and how much I choose to consume. Every resource has a significant amount of energy of its own - there is actually a pathway to how it arrived to our hands.

We must understand this and provide real love and care to these resources. I believe that by understanding this, we can really create a planetary change. Love is a conscious state of soul, above a reduced egoistic.

The term 'responsibility' means to be truly responsible for our planetary wellbeing through the way in which we choose to live our precious lives. True responsibility starts with how we hear, look and act!

The thoughts we think, driven by the feelings we allow to be, the body’s hands we drive, the food we consume, the words we communicate and how we radiate our energy into this communal world and especially to those who are right next to us.

What we see out is a mirror of what we have in our mind, driven by our heart and realized by our energy in motion."


"I came to this amazing project similarly like the way a mother comes to her child. I do not believe in coincidences. For me, it was my destiny to meet Erik and Michael.

When we first met, there was a special and unique energy between us. It was like we had already known each other for years. The same happened later on with Ahron. It became immediately clear to me that I must be part of this project, especially financially. Since the day of the first meeting right until now, my spark, my excitement and my drive for the idea of "Vivoo" has only grown stronger and stronger and it continues to do so.

As I was watching the movie "Tomorrow - die Welt ist voller Lösungen", I discovered another major turning point for me on what is seriously wrong and not working in our world today - most of us are purely concerned with only ourselves and our own lives - my mission now is to find people and projects who are looking for real solutions to actually help the world and who are committed to taking action, rather than just talking the talk.

I see my role as an inspirer and mentor and am constantly helping our team to move forwards and succeed. In our team, everyone focus' on the good, even in failure our principal is to see the best case scenario and in this way, we constantly keep the magic alive!"


"I'm the kind of dude who questions what's going on around me. I like to find my own truth and never give into a "one true right way." Growing up in Australia, I was privileged to smell, see and feel the extraordinary nature around me. Though I took it all for granted, today I really appreciate what is growing outside.

I am grateful and proud to be part of a mission that is strong. That is genuine. That offers remedies that are purely natural and which truly help. A healthy life, a loving life, a happy life.

I am here to join Vivoo on this mission and I cannot wait to see what comes out of this. We have incredible products, motivated people, and one powerful mission. I'm excited to move forwards with this team and with all who wish to join us!"



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